ConnectHER Media is different from other influencer agencies in that we specialize in connecting the right influencer to the right brand. We have cultivated our relationships with the mom, family and influencer community over the past 10 years by working on campaigns, networking, creatign brand driven events and building personal connections. For us, Influencer marketing is more than just numbers. It’s knowing family dynamics, travel preferences, who runs marathons, and who creates beautiful images. It’s about identifying the interests of each of our audienceses and relaying aligning them to the correct influencer that will not only share your brand with their followers, but that will become excited about it and become an ambassador for your brand, authentically.

ConnectHER Media (formally known as BLP or Bag Lady Promotions) has not only been a part of this community for years, it has actually created community! Pioneers in their space, ConnectHER Media has produced a plethora of successful social media conference across Los Angeles, San Diego & Las Vegas, they were the producers of We Heart Moms in Los Angeles and have produced numerous branded events and social networking soirees. Their reach expands past simple analytics as they have created a community ad supportive family!

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