We are looking to work with influencers who cover travel, lifestyle, food, fashion & beauty, and family. We aim to provide opportunities for you to work with like-minded brands on blog, social media, and travel campaigns. By joining ConnectHER Media Agency, you will be notified when we have a campaign that is a fit for you.  We will provide you with detailed information for you to review and accept or decline. It’s simple!

One of the unique things we offer are face-to-face opportunities through our own personal brand driven event. As a part of the ConnectHER Media network, you will receive the latest opportunities to work with brands and participate in media trips, in addition to possible speaking opportunities or participation in our meet and greet events. The sky is the limit and we are ALWAYS coming up with new an innovative ways to provide our community and family with the best experiences in the digital space.

We hope you consider joining out team of amazing influencers. We hope to work with you in the years to come and provide you with exciting opportunities. We want to get to know who you are, not just what your analytics look like. Be a part of the community, the excitement, and our family. Join us today!